A burial vault is a protective outer container for the casket. It provides the casket with superior, long-lasting protection against subsoil elements and the weight of heavy cemetery maintenance equipment.

All Wilbert burial and urn vaults are constructed with high-strength structural concrete and Unidex®-bonded interior liners of high-impact thermoformed plastics. Several also offer durable interior linings of bronze, copper, or stainless steel for both aesthetics and strength.

Wilbert burial vaults are available in three strength categories:

Premium Protection - Triple Reinforcement:
Standard Protection - Double Reinforcement
Basic Protection - Single Reinforcement

Premium Protection
  • Wilbert’s finest burial vault
  • Ultra high–strength concrete core
  • Triple-reinforcement with bronze, a
    high-impact ABS Trilon® thermoplastic
    interior, and an ABS Marbelon™– encased plastic exterior
  • Solid die-cast handles and personalized
    bronze nameplate
Standard Protection

  • High-strength concrete, reinforced with bronze, copper, or stainless steel & high impact ABS Trilon® thermoplastic
  • Customized name plate
  • Special emblems
  • Special features for each: Bronze Triune, Copper Triune, Stainless Steal Triune, Cameo Rose Triune, & Veteran Triune
Basic Protection

• High-strength concrete with premium ABS Marbelon™ plastic–reinforced cover and base
• Rich look of polished marble

• Concrete exterior with Strentex® plastic–reinforced cover and base

• Concrete exterior with Strentex® plastic–reinforced cover and bas

• High-strength concrete bonded to Strentex® plastic liner
• Exclusive Salute Emblem for veterans